How To Prevent Scars

Life happens to all of us and whether we like it or not, there will be moments in our lives where we get hurt, have bad acne, or even have surgery which can all cause scarring.  There are preventive measures you can take as well as mistakes to avoid to help heal your skin with as little scarring as possible…

  • Get stitches when needed.  Cuts that are deep or widely spread apart heal better when they are stitched by a professional.  The faster the wound is sewn, the better the chances that the wound will heal with minimal scarring.
  • Keep the wound moist by applying petroleum jelly to the affected area and covering it with a bandage.

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  • Massage the wound with vitamin e on a daily basis.  Vitamin e helps prevent a less visable scar.
  • Avoid the sun.  Keeping out of the sun will help with discoloration as the wound heals.

  • Be patient and let it heal naturally.  Severe wounds from accidents or surgery can take months to heal.  During this slow healing process do not pick the scabs.  Get 8 hours of sleep per night because your body heals while you sleep and drink plenty of water throughout the day to stag hydrated.